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About Us

For the past few decades, several non-governmental organizations in India have come into existence, and Nirmala Foundation is one of them. With our hard dedication and selfless work, we have been successful in strengthening our position in society. 

Nirmala Foundation is a team of young people who have a desire for social service as well as sympathy towards the miseries of the deprived section of society. As a leading non-profit organization in India, we are working for the combined development of women and children who are vulnerable and often ignored.  

Right from the establishment, we collect and utilize all types of donations and charities for the welfare of unprivileged people. We clearly believe that all human beings are equal and have the right of enjoying good health along with a proper standard of living. 

About Us

Why Nirmala Foundation?

Nirmala Foundation is a leading non-profit organization that is working towards making a positive change in the lives of poor families, their children as well as communities. 

We are also involved in supporting disabled children as well as endorse different welfare activities among the weaker section of society. Therefore, our foundation collects funds through a donation to help poor people live a happy life. 

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